Front Office Marketing Assistant

  • Full Time
  • Scottsdale
  • $28.00 per hour USD / Year

The person seeking this position must be adept at marketing, know how to manipulate photos in Photoshop, and must be computer savvy. They must always maintain a professional and positive attitude with customers and other employees.

1. Photography, you will take product photos that will be added to our website, Amazon, and used on social media.
2. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (required) and Lightroom. You will be importing the photos you take into Lightroom where you will apply lens correction and do basic cropping. You will then export these files to jpg format for further processing. You will then take the jpg file and remove the background using Adobe Express. Next you will take the photos into Photoshop where you clean up the images, add proper exposure, straighten, and crop the photos. You will save these photos and use Caesium to reduce the file size before adding them to the sites.
3. Answer the phone, take messages, respond to emails, and help walk-in customers pickup orders or checkout.
4. Transcribe shipping documents and test results into a readable document for regulatory requirements. Mostly this is just copying and pasting information from other documents onto a standard format document.
5. Keep track of incoming shipments and assign lot numbers to shipments.
6. Use the lab to perform microbiologic testing using FDA approved test kits.
7. Add existing products to Amazon’s catalog and create A+ pages for these new products. Update existing A+ listings.

8. Post content on social media. This includes creating ad campaigns.
9. Use Constant Contact to create ad campaigns that will be sent via email that tie into the social media campaigns.
10. Organize and keep the front office area clean.
11. Stock and maintain products at the front of the store.
12. Assist in purchasing of products and supplies for the warehouse.
13. Organize a cleaning schedule for the facility and maintain it by doing weekly checks of all areas to make sure they are sanitary.

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